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As a trusted name in real estate, the team of Krishna Property specializes in providing a
diverse range of land options in the smart city, Bhubaneswar. We take pride in helping you
find the ideal property that aligns with your dreams and investment goals. Bhubaneswar, a
city known for its rapid development, holds immense growth potential. Buying land for sale
in Bhubaneswar means investing in the future, as our properties are in areas poised for

Top reasons to buy land from us?

Prime Location

All our land for sale in Bhubaneswar are located in prime areas with easy access to amenities, transportation and a vibrant neighbourhood.

Transparent Transactions

We prioritise transparency in all our dealings. The hassle-free buying process with clear documentation and transactions will give you peace of mind.

Diverse Range

Whether you're looking for a luxurious home or a bustling industrial space, we have the ideal land for you that will align with your preference.

Affordable Rate

Our competitive pricing offers excellent value for your investment. Buy primely located land for sale in Bhubaneswar without any compromise.

Legal Assurance

All our properties come with the necessary legal clearances. We prioritise compliance with regulations, ensuring a risk-free investment for you.

Future Growth Potential

Invest in a property that not only meets your current needs but also promises future growth. Secure long-term value with our chosen locations.

Ongoing Projects

We are working on many property development projects which includes houses, flats, government buildings and so much more. Check out some of our many ongoing projects here.

Upcoming Projects

We have so many amazing upcoming projects. Explore the future of refined living with our upcoming property development projects. Immerse yourself in visionary designs, cutting-edge amenities, and prime locations.
LOCATION                 PROJECT

Completed Projects

Discover the epitome of excellence in our completed property development projects in Bhubaneswar. Explore the success stories of meticulously crafted residences, each a testament to quality, innovation, and thoughtful design.





About Commercial Land for Sale in Bhubaneswar

Position your business for success with our commercial land options in Bhubaneswar. We understand the importance of location in business, and our properties are primely situated to give your venture a competitive edge. We cater to diverse business needs, from commercial hubs to emerging business districts. Secure a prime commercial land for sale in Bhubaneswar today! Rest assured, knowing there is transparency, customer satisfaction, and a seamless buying process.

Find Industrial Land for Sale in Bhubaneswar

As the city gears up for industrial expansion, our properties provide the perfect foundation for your ventures. We offer well-located industrial lands with access to essential amenities and transportation networks. Our legal compliance ensures a hassle-free transaction, allowing you to focus on developing your industrial projects.
With Krishna Property, join industrial growth in Bhubaneswar and secure a piece of land that aligns with your vision and business objectives. Contact us for the best deals on industrial land for sale in Bhubaneswar.

Our Residential Land for Sale in Bhubaneswar

Build the home of your dreams with our exclusive residential land options in Bhubaneswar. We understand the importance of a well-located and serene space for your family. Our portfolio includes plots in safe and vibrant neighborhoods, ensuring you find the perfect setting for your dream home.
From scenic views to proximity to essential amenities, our Residential Land for Sale in Bhubaneswar offers the ideal combination of comfort and convenience. Trust us to guide you through securing your residential plot and make your dream of a perfect home in Bhubaneswar a reality.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What types of land does Krishna Property offer?

We offer residential, commercial, and industrial plots, catering to various needs and investments.

Legal compliance is our priority. We conduct thorough due diligence and provide transparent documentation for your peace of mind.

Q: Are there any hidden costs associated with land purchase?

No hidden costs. For total transparency, we provide a detailed breakdown of all costs associated with your land purchase.

Q: How is the location suitable for my needs?

Our experts consider your requirements and guide you to properties matching your needs, considering accessibility and future growth.

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