1. Krishna Properties will not be held responsible for any kind of delay that may come up due to banking error or electronic transmission fault in regard to any payment made by the client to the company;
  2. Krishna Properties, in any circumstances cannot be held responsible for late in the progress of construction work that maybe developing from natural calamities i.e. incessant rain, storm, flood, damages or cracks found in under construction buildings resulting from earthquake or disruption of work at any stage of construction due labourers unrest or any kind of accident including fire;
  3. Krishna Properties must not be blamed for any delay in meeting the benchmark due to unforeseen circumstances, like strike in the State or a mass Bandh called by any political party;
  4. Krishna Properties cannot be held responsible for delay in Project work because of election rally or voting process in the State or city respectively;
  5. Krishna Properties should not be responsible for any war situation, if any, break out in the country and due to air raid or such kind of circumstances may happen to close down the project for indefinite period of time;
  6. Krishna Properties will not take at all any or every type of responsibilities that may suddenly appear like epidemic, pandemic Eg. ongoing Corona virus infection resulting into State / Nationwide lockdown and / or night curfew / section 144 in and around the project site and / or city causing into slower down of construction work or completely shutting down of the same and stopping it from attaining the scheduled deadline fixed by itself.