Led by a bunch of experienced yet enthusiastic group of Civil & Electrical Engineering professionals aspiring to gain the confidence of the citizens in the way to win their hearts, eventually to change look of the entire State of Odisha towards a sleek and gorgeous beauty satisfying the public, leaving an everlasting impression etched in their mind that has already impressed and left a big heap of hope and trust  in the Government sector in various Departments already, would like to serve the public in a very satisfying, willful, honest and timely fashion, urging our prospective client to kindly have faith and trust on us so that we are able to quench your thirst of choice and likings in a much better way that may be remembered and demanded again and again in near future days to come.

TAN : BBNK01399G



We are recognized as best and prestigious amongst very few developers and builders in the city of Bhubaneswar that deals (The mother concern described in Background column) in construction work of the Government of Odisha…State PWD, RW Dept., State Police Housing, General Electrical Department (electrical), Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (street light), in a nutshell throughout the State of Odisha and now have entered into the public sector also taking its maiden step towards it. It’s a one single person’s dream to give a stunning and swanky look to the city of Bhubaneswar and other major cities of Odisha in terms of quality living in prestigious households offering the people of it a better yet sleek and peaceful life style.


The mother concern is famous itself  by its name KRISHNA ASSOCIATES is established in the field of Electrical Engineering and contractors both in domestic and high tension electrical lines for 16 years in the beginning of its existence.


The company entered into the field of Civil Engineering in addition to its earlier Electrical Engineering Dept. and acting as contractors and builders for various departments of the Government of Odisha, viz.

  1. State PWD,
  2. RW Dept.
  3. State Police Housing,
  4. General Electrical Department (Electrical)
  5. Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (street light)
  6. Electrical illumination of prestigious buildings of Odisha

We have completed projects under Government of Odisha, viz.

  1. State Secretariat
  2. State Assembly Heads of the Department
  3. Decorative street lights from PMG Square to Governor House.
  4. Small bridges under PMGSY project in Kandhamal District.
  5. Various road projects in Kandhamal district under PMGSY.

in the past decade with much success and running very effectively.


The company is known for its quality for being the only one of its kind particularly, remarkably special and creativity in its characters. Let us explain a bit in detail in the following stanza.



  1. The singularity of the Company is that it has its own team of extra strong, active and experienced team of civil engineers and town planners who do their own planning for future townships;
  2. The distinctiveness of the company is that it will construct houses, apartment houses with all amenities and infrastructures of the entire housing complexes by its own civil engineers team;
  3. Specialty of any and each of the projects of the company is that it is growing to build up indigenously built up products of buildings for any of its proposed townships.


It may not be amiss here to mention at this juncture that the company’s own Electrical Engineers team is considered to be an asset and high support to the whole affair to plan and work on their own electrical designing for the buildings to be constructed for its prospective buyers.

Marketing and Sales:

This is an authentically understandable fact since the marketing and selling will be done by the company itself (no outsourcing), their qualities of the buildings are beyond any question.

After Sales:

One of the salient characteristics of the company is to provide an effective and customer friendly service to its valued clients even after deal is done and people start dwelling in the complexes to support and satisfy them for any kind of construction related complaints that includes electrical and plumbing work too with the help of its self owned After Sales Team (no out sourcing) for a committed span of time period to be mentioned in the deal agreement papers. Even after that time period also we stand by the clients for any kind of related services to provide in need, upon appropriate charges accordingly.


The result must be considered as a tremendously developed quality for the buildings that the company would place and deliver to its prospective buyers. In other words, when the construction company is the seller and owns the real estate company under the single and same ownership, then the quality, beauty and uniqueness of the whole township including infrastructures are entirely guaranteed.


As because the Real Estate Company (Krishna Properties and Developers Pvt. Ltd.) is the sister concern of the Construction Company (Krishna Associates) under the same umbrella and in the single ownership, it is solely responsible for its own reputation that is an unquestionable truth.


Precisely, since there is neither any third party vendor / company / out sourcing operator are working nor appointed by our company to develop our own land or erection of the structural body of  buildings or construction of the township and finishing of the flats / houses or any kind of electrical designing or work except purchasing of the raw materials only from branded industrial raw material manufacturing companies, whose raw materials are result oriented that we have several times used and tested in our operation and still are in use for our construction work… the level of trustworthiness upon our company one may consider like ‘sky is the limit’.


It would be better to express and explain the term as ‘Dream’ and not a simple goal of our Company and the dream is such that it cannot allow someone to sleep until the dream is fulfilled. Our dream is to give the Cities of Odisha as well as the entire State an elegant and prestigious look and a world class status in terms of design, inner plan, infrastructure, facilities and amenities to the dwellers and users, which lasts for eons to come that maybe remembered by the people of the next generations to come.


In our both Concerns at Krishna Associates and Krishna Properties & Developers Pvt. Ltd., we believe in honesty and truthfulness, genuinely committed agreement that emerges into sturdy and enduring endeavors. Our motto – Brand, Product & Quality and upon client satisfaction only we trust. Our target is to offer and eventually deliver the time-bound and committed products to our valued clients in a very customer friendly attitude that results into intensive and intimate long lasting relationship with our respected clients and with future buyers as well. From the beginning of the inception in the industry as we did and will continue focusing onto the quality of the products, commitment of time management and long lasting relationship with the clients — these are our assets.